Staff Development Committee

About the Committee

The Staff Development Committee develops a campus community and culture of continuous improvement by providing, supporting, and increasing awareness of activities and opportunities which will enhance job performance, personal growth, and social interaction among all Porterville College employees
for equitable student success.



  • 4 Faculty Representatives to be appointed by Academic Senate
  • 4 Classified Staff to be appointed by CSEA
  • 1 Student Worker (non-voting) to be appointed by Financial Aid
  • Assistant Director of Academic Technology and Professional Development
  • 1 additional administrator to be appointed by the President

Chair composition

  • 3 co-chairs from among the membership to include one of each: faculty, classified, and administration
  • The administration co-chair is the Assistant Director of Academic Technology and Professional Development


  • Debbie Lou Angeles (administration co-chair)
  • Mallory Brown (classified co-chair)
  • Ana Ceballos (faculty representative - Counseling)
  • Robert Simpkins (faculty representative - Purple Pathway)
  • John Olmos (faculty representative - Orange and Blue Pathway)
  • Sherie Burgess (faculty representative - Green Pathway)
  • Anja Goebel (classified representative)
  • Christina Tristao (classified representative)
  • Jodie Logan (classified representative)
  • Stephanie Martinez (student worker representative)


You can access the committee's documents here: Staff Development Committee Document Cloud Storage.


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