Curriculum Committee


Dustin Acres-Curriculum Chair
William Hughes-LAAR Rep
Bret Davis-KIN Rep
Araceli Carranza-Student Service Rep
Sherie Burgess-Math Rep
James Thompson-FAAR Rep
Denis LaClare-SOSC Rep
Chris Vanni-NSCI Rep
Betty McVay-HCCR Rep
Jeff Jacobs-CTE Rep
Alicia Vargas-Student Rep 
Kristina Arellano-Chung-Library Advisory
Jonathan Miranda-Enrollment Service Advisory
Tiffany Haynes-Financial Aid Advisory
Frank Ramirez-DRC Advisory
Christine Okialda - Articulation Officer
Osvaldo Del Valle-Dean Advisory
Michelle Miller-Galaz-Dean Advisory
Kim Behrens-Assoc Dean Advisory
Thad Russell-VP Advisory

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Meeting Times

The second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 2:30pm in AC 120 and via zoom.

Upcoming Meeting

4/23/24 Meeting Documents:

CC Agenda 4/23/24

Attachments 4/23/24:

Vocational Nursing Program Curriculum Review Update

Previous Meetings

4/9/24 Meeting Documents:

CC Agenda April 9, 2024 (revised)
Approved Minutes April 9, 2024

3/26/24 Meeting Documents

CC Agenda March 26, 2024
Approved Minutes March 26, 2024

Attachments 3/26/24:

2024 Spring ENGR130 New Curriculum Submission Course Worksheet (signed)

2024 Spring ENGR140 New Curriculum Submission Course Worksheet (signed)

2024 Spring ENG R140L New Curriculum Submission Course Worksheet (signed)

3/12/24 Meeting Documents

Approved Minutes March 12, 2024

Attachments 3/12/24:

AGRI P90Z Drone New Curriculum
BSAD P90Z Drone New Curriculum
INFS P90Z Drone New Curriculum

2/27/24 Meeting Documents

Agenda 2/27/24
Approved Minutes 2/27/24

Attachments 2/27/24:

Fire P01AZ

New Curriculum Submission Worksheet Math P03X-2

New Curriculum Submission Worksheet P03X_Zero_Unit-signed

New Welding Courses P113 and P114

1/23/24 Meeting Documents

Agenda 1/23/24
Approved Minutes 1/23/24

Attachments 1/23/24:

Spring 2024 Timeline Curriculum

GELO #1 Assessment Meeting #1

8/22/2023 Meeting Documents

Agenda 8/22/2023
Minutes 8/22/2023

Attachments 8/22/2023:

23-24_Addendum AP_Chart_Draft_8.10.23

CCC AP Scores Memo June 16 2023

Chancellor's Office AP Policy Update

Notes about GELO Overhaul Suggestions for My Reference

9/12/2023 Meeting Documents

Agenda 9/12/2023
Minutes 9/12/2023

Attachments 9/12/2023:

09072023 DE Language

DEI in Curriculum ASCCC Ci 2023

Gelo Map

INST 101Z New Curriculum Submission

Proposed Changes to Distance Education Language in the COR

9/26/2023 Meeting Documents 

Agenda 9/26/2023
Minutes 9/26/2023

Attachments 9/26/2023:

23-24 Addendum AP Chart Draft 9-5-23 with Feedback

AP Physics 1 and 2

10/10/2023 Meeting Documents

Agenda 10/10/2023
Minutes 10/10/2023

Attachments 10/10/2023:

EVCTP100Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP101Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP102Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP103Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP104Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP105Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP106Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP107Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP108Z New Curriculum Submission

Module 1 Electric Vehicle EV Safety Certificate New Curriculum Submission

Module 2 Electric Vehicle EV Components New Curriculum Submission

Module 3 Electric Vehicle EV Diagnostics Certificate New Curriculum Submission

10/24/2023 Meeting Documents

Agenda 10/24/2023
Minutes 10/24/2023

Attachments 10/24/2023:

10122923 Vote over Email BIOL P135 and P136

23-24 Addendum AP Chart Draft 10.18.23

11/14/2023 Meeting Documents 

Agenda 11/14/2023
Minutes 11/14/2023

Attachments 11/14/2023:

23-24 Addendum AP Chart Draft 10.31.23

DEI Curriculum Rubric

ENGR 150 New Curriculum Submission

GELO 11.14.23

11/28/2023 Meeting Documents 

Agenda 11/28/2023
Approved Minutes 11/28/23

Attachments 11/28/2023:

23-24 Addendum AP Chart Draft 11.28.23

Assessment of DEI in Curriculum Fall 2023

DEI in Curriculum Fall 2023

Melisa GELO voting

Module 4 Advanced Electric Vehicle EV Vehicle Safety New Curriculum Submission

Module 5 Advanced Electric Vehicle EV Components New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP109Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP110Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP111Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP112Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP113Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP114Z New Curriculum Submission

EVCTP115Z New Curriculum Submission


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