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About the Committee


         1. Review recommendations from the various constituents, administration, academic senate, classified staff, and students and forward a recommendation to the President.

2. Recommend to the Academic Senate changes in campus-wide philosophy and missions statements, and the goals and

objectives of Porterville College to the President.

3. Develop, monitor, review, and recommend campus-wide research processes, measures, and results; and campus-wide educational planning processes.

4. Analyze all planning processes and actions of any impacts upon, and relationship to, the Porterville College Institutional Plans to the President.

5. Establish fiscal priorities for the College, serve as a fact-finding body for budgetary priorities, and make recommendation to the College President for both short-term and long-term budgetary needs.

6. Serve as communication liaison with other staff and students to relate rationale for budgetary decisions.

7. Review budget recommendations from the Budget Subcommittee and make recommendations to the President for additions and/or deletions to balance budget.

8. Collect and review recommendations from the Enrollment Management Subcommittee, Budget Subcommittee, and Strategic Planning Subcommittee to make a recommendation to CC for final recommendations to the College President.

9. Review and recommend to the president hiring priorities, utilizing the formal process, as they relate to the Educational Master Plan.

10. Review campus research and research needs as a basis for implementing program review, assessment, and planning processes.

11. Review and recommend divisional structures and reorganization plans to the President.

12. Review and recommend to the President facility requirements and needs.

13. Review and recommend any comprehensive enrollment management strategies and plans, including student recruitment, registration processes, and scheduling to the President.

14. Review and remain current on laws and legislation affecting educational programs and instruction.



  1. Annually review, evaluate, revise, and recommend as needed, the College’s mission statement, goals, and objectives to meet the changing trends and needs of the community served to the President.
  2. Draft/revise/recommend for approval the College’s Educational Master Plan to the President.
  3. Review/act/advise/recommend campus-wide planning processes, especially as to their effect on meeting the Educational Master Plan to the President.
  4. Review/act/advise/recommend institutional research processes, including institutional effectiveness, program review, student success, enrollment management and FTES/FTEF productivity information to the President.


President (**ex officio)  1

Vice President, Academic Affairs  1

Vice President, Student Services  1

Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services  1

Deans    3

* Division Chairs  9

Academic Senate President  1

Academic Senate President Elect (ex officio)  1

* Director, Enrollment Services  1

* Director, Student Services  1

* Director, Financial Aid  1

* Director, Equity and Educational Services 1

* Director, Student Programs & Athletics  1

* Director, Maintenance & Operations  1

* Director, Information Technology  1

* Coordinator, Disability Resource Center  1

Institutional Researcher  1

* Manager, Human Resources (**ex officio)  1

Reference Librarian 1

* Adjunct Faculty Representative  1

* CCA Campus Chair  1

* CCA Campus Representative  1

* CSEA President  1

* CSEA Vice President   1

* ASPC President  1

* ASPC Vice President  1


* or designee

** ex officio (Non-voting member)


Total Membership  36




  • All agenda items must come to the Council through the co-chairs
  • All agenda items, except for emergency and program review items, shall come to the CC for information and discussion at one meeting followed by consideration for action at the next CC meeting
  • ­ Emergency items are items of such a nature that lack of immediate action will result in a negative impact on the ability of the college to fulfill its mission.   Emergency items shall be provided to all CC members at least 72 hours in advance of the CC meeting at which action is to be taken along with the rationale of the   emergency nature.  It may then be added to the CC agenda as a discussion and action item.
  • Program reviews go to the Strategic Planning Sub-committee and are thoroughly assessed before being forward to CC for review and approval. Program reviews will be to the CC agends as an action item.
  • The deadline for submitting agenda items is one week prior to the scheduled meeting
  • The agenda and supportive materials will be displayed in a public space and/or posted on email at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting  
  • If a decision needs to be made at the regularly scheduled meeting, the majority vote will be the final recommendation to the president.  If an unscheduled special meeting is called, a minimum of 50% + 1 Council members must be present.
  • If the vote is controversial, a secret ballot will be used to avoid expectations regarding conduct at the request of any voting member:
  • ­    We must at all times respect each other’s opinions
  • ­    We will not personalize, e g , use specific names of staff members



  President (ex officio, non-voting)  Dr. Claudia Habib

  Vice President, Instruction  Dr. Thad Russell

  Vice President, Student Services  Primavera Monarrez

  Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services  Maria Battisti

  Dean, Instruction  Michelle Miller-Galaz

  Dean, Instruction  Osvaldo Del Valle
  Dean, Student Services Erin Wingfield

  Associate Dean, Health Careers  Kim Behrens

  * Director, Financial Aid Tiffany Haynes

  * Director, Equity and Educational Services (vacant)

  * Director, Student Services  Frank Ramirez

  * Director, Student Programs & Athletics Joe Cascio

  * Director, Information Technology  (vacant)

  * Director, Maintenance & Operations  Fernando Jimenez

  * Manager, Human Resources (ex officio, non-voting)  (vacant)

  * Program Manager, Safety & Security (guest, non-voting)  Cameron Anderson

  * Coordinator, Disability Resource Center  (vacant)

  Institutional Researcher  Michael Carley

  Academic Senate President  Rebecca Baird

  Academic Senate President Elect (ex officio, non-voting)  (vacant)

  * Division Chair

    Career & Technical Education  Stephanie Cortez

    Fine and Applied Arts  Ethan Hartsell

    Health Careers  Elizabeth Keele

    Kinesiology  Vickie Dugan

    Language Arts  Melissa Long

    Natural Science  Kendra Haney

    Mathematics  Ian Onizuka

    Social Science Matt Flummer

    Student Services  Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde

  * Coordinator, Outcomes (guest, non-voting)  Melissa Long

  Reference Librarian Chris Ebert

  * Adjunct Faculty Representative  

  * CCA Campus Chair  Jeff Keele

  * CCA Campus Representative  Rebecca Baird

  * CSEA President  Shauna Williams 

  * CSEA Vice President  Christina Tristao 

  * ASPC President  aspcpres@portervillecollege edu

  * ASPC Vice President  aspcvp@portervillecollege edu


* or designee



  Co-Chair (Administration)  Dr. Thad Russell 

  Co-Chair (Faculty)  Kendra Haney

  Co-Chair (Classified)  Shauna Williams

  Secretary  Kristen Plunk

Meeting Times

1st and 3rd Mondays of every month from 3-5pm currently in AC120

Meeting Documents

April 1, 2024

4/1/24 CC Agenda
4/1/24 CC Minutes
Subcommittee Reports

March 4, 2024

3/4/24 Agenda
3/4/24 Minutes
College Council Presentation
Subcommittee Reports 3/4/24

February 5, 2024

2/5/24 Agenda
2/5/24 Minutes

November 20, 2023

11/20/23 Agenda
11/20/23 Minutes

November 6, 2023

11/6/23 Agenda
11/6/23 Minutes

October 16, 2023

10/16/23 Agenda
10/16/23 Minutes

October 2, 2023

10/2/23 Agenda
10/2/23 Minutes

September 18, 2023

9/18/23 Agenda
9/18/23 Minutes

August 21, 2023

8/21/23 Agenda
8/21/23 Minutes
Porterville College EMP Final Draft  8 7 2023

May 1st, 2023

Supporting Documents:


You can access the committee's other documents here: College Council Document Cloud Storage.

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