Strategic Planning

About the Committee


The two main charges of the Strategic Planning Sub-Committee relate to general review of the overall college planning and program review process.

Planning Responsibility

  • The Strategic Planning Sub-Committee is charged with defining and evaluating the process of college-wide planning, monitoring the completion of the goals and objectives within the college’s Strategic Plan, and assuring the alignment of other planning documents as related to the Strategic Plan.
  • Recommend modifications to the Strategic Plan as appropriate to the College Council (CC).

Program Review Responsibility

  •  The Strategic Planning Sub-Committee is charged managing the process of program reviews, updating forms as needed including timelines, and align the Strategic Planning Calendar to the Budget Calendar.



The membership of the Strategic Planning Sub-Committee is appointed by the CLC and comprised of faculty, classified, student, and administrative representatives.

  • Administration*: 2
  • Institutional Researcher: 1
  • Faculty Representative(s): 2
  • Classified Representative(s): 2
  • Student*: 1

Total Membership: 8

Chair Secretary (non-voting)

*Or designee


  • Vice President of Student Services:  Primavera Arvizu
  • Dean of Instruction: Osvaldo del Valle
  • Institutional Researcher: Michael Carley
  • Faculty: Melissa Long, Manuela Haberkorn
  • Classified:  Mallory Brown, Jodie Logan
  • ASPC Representative:  N/A
  • Secretary: Ayla Mora

Meeting Times

Every Wednesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm LIB:405 & Zoom

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